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Meet the Volunteers

No operation can be a success without great volunteers working behind the scenes.   We wish to recognize each of them here.

I learned to help people who are sleep deprived by explaining the inventions and devices I created.  Then I learned how to help people who are food deprived, moving boxes and sorting food with people who know how.  Then I found a way to help teachers who know how to mold and inspire young minds, just like the ones that all the stock brokers and business managers, and scientists spoke endlessly of at the 50th reunion.  The ones who made us who we are.  A little help on the geometry of shelves to help design a warehouse for these future topics of conversation at some future reunion.  As you put things on those shelves, you can see the awe in little faces that will probably group up to bore the sleep deprived with their own accomplishments long after I’m gone.  Along the way, all the San Martians in San Marvelous, you and old, taught me fun.  Famous chefs, actors, and newspaper reporters (Jerry Deal) got invited to birthday parties of rock stars they covered.  Professors took breaks from their gigs singing at Carnegie Hall to teach me to sing.  Then one day, about a quarter of the Texas State football team took a break from playing before crowds of tens of thousands came to hear me sing.  Welcome to San Marvelous; you wouldn’t believe it if I told you.

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