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“What can I donate?”

We accept:

Paper, office supplies, arts, crafts, paint, stamps, scrapbook paper, matboard, stationary, old letterhead, canvas, googly eyes, corks, containers, organizers, games, books, prizes, staplers, desk organizers, decorations, holiday supplies, fabric, yarn, mat board, desk chairs, tape, clipboards, bulk items...

How do I donate?”

Step right up!  Time moves fast, and we're moving as fast as we can!  Cleaning, organizing.  Give us a hand by donating items in the condition ready to hand off to teachers.  Contact us info@theteacherreuse or 512.965.2536 for more information on how to donate.

“Who receives my donation?"

Teachers in public and charter schools.  Your donation is given to teachers free so they get what they need to teach and give students what they need!  We do not donate to for-profit schools, homeschools or for-profit businesses.  

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