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Cindy Naples is a retired classroom teacher of mathematics at both the secondary and university levels. She earned the Ph. D. in Mathematics Education and served as Associate Dean, Interim and Acting Dean in the School of Natural Sciences at St. Edward’s University. As a member of the faculty in the Department of Mathematics she taught both lower and upper division mathematics courses.

As a graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin, Cindy supervised student teachers in mathematics and continued that work with students in the Teaching Scholars program at St. Edward’s University. 

Her 48 years of experience in education motivated Cindy to volunteer at The Teacher’s Reuse store. Organizing hundreds of books has been challenging, but an enlightening experience!

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Cheryl Gillmore

Cheryl Gillmore wishes to thank teachers for caring about kids. That teachers are a vital and undervalued component of the community that is the heart of preserving our nation's freedoms. She wants to help repair the sense of community across the divide(s) in the US, starting with her small corner.


She has been fortunate in life. Cheryl discovered an additional “funny bone” when an intrusive COVID-19 nasal swab resulted in involuntary and uncontrolled laughter, shocking both her and the nurse. God has a sense of humor. She retired! from the world’s premier intelligence agency as a senior analyst after 34 years of trying to solve impossible problems. She graduated from Texas Tech with a BSEE a long time ago.

Mike O'Donnell recently retired as an IT Director of Infrastructure for Infineon Technologies and now redirects time to a number of worthy causes, including The Teacher Reuse.  He is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin and began working as a software developer for a large healthcare business in 1982.  In 1994 he was hired by Advanced Micro Devices to help build the datacenter for their Austin wafer fabrication facility. He worked in the semiconductor industry until his retirement in May.   As an innovator and out-of-the-box thinker, he has co-authored thirteen U.S. Patents.

Mike helps The Teacher Reuse anyway he can, from IT consulting to moving boxes or just being available to share his experience and expertise with their Board of Directors and staff of volunteers.


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